Lip Seal PTFE

Lip Seal PTFE

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Lip Seal PTFE

The widest product range in the sector Due to their elastomer sealing lip, standard radial shaft seals have only a limited application range with respect to pressure , temperature and media loads.
High performans sealing lips made from modified PTFE , cause very low friction , thanks to their stick-slip-free running , suffer little wear and tear, reducing the heat development and permitting higher peripheral speeds.

Advantages of PTFE seals are :

  • Low friction seal material
  • Low and high temperature range (-60 to +260 ÂșC
  • High pressure capability (up to 25 bar )
  • High speed ability ( 40 m/s )
  • Outstanding resistance to chemical media
  • Fits Standard oil seal installation groove.

Given the many different needs involved in practical applications, TOKEZ offers users many different product versions , ranging from standard one lip , ready to-install , available from stock; right through to customized special designs.

       Sealing Lip

  1. Standard material with exceptional wear and friction characteristics.For lubricated or dry running. Carbon filled , Black colour.
  2. Special material for all lubricating and non-lubricating fluids and suitable for soft counter-surfaces. Moly filled , Grey colour.
  3. Special application such as food stuff , pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Colour : Tan to dark brown.

Case Material : Gasket Elastomer

Standard material : Stainless steel AISI 316 Ti.

Material No: 1.4571

Gasket Elastomer

Standard material : Fluoroelastomer (-25 to +200 C)

Typical applications

  1. Centrifuge machinery
  2. Pumps
  3. Mixers
  4. Separators
  5. Agitators
  6. Spiral conveyors
  7. Rotary lead-throughs