Hydraulic BST Guider

Hydraulic BST Guider

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Hydraulic BST Guider

Guide strip/ring have an important place in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. If there are radial loads in the system and no protections are provided, sealing elements do not function and also there may be permanent damage for the cylinder. BST guide strip are produced with PTFE filled with 40% Bronze, standard smooth surface or structuralization coining surface for options.Our BST guide strip could be priced and provided by kilogram or by meter.

Technical Data :

  • Temperature: -50  to +200
  • Speed:  5m/s     
  • Media: Hydraulic oils (mineral oil-based), Air, Water    


  • Material: PTFE filled with 40% Bronze    
  • Color: Green/Brown    


  • Could be provided by kilogram or meter    
  • High abrasion resistance, wide range of application temperatures    
  • Low friction, high efficiency    
  • Stick-slip free starting, no sticking    
  • Easy installation